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5 Great Tools and Tricks for Designers and Developers (July 2017)


Earlier this week we celebrated Independence Day in the US.

Regardless of where you live and work, take a few minutes to celebrate your own creative independence by checking out this month’s tools and tricks.

Whether you’re a designer or developer, we promise they’ll add some sparkle to your day and help skyrocket your skills.


Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 11.36.41 AM

Chris Coyier’s Five Huge CSS Milestones

Speaking of celebrations, founder of CSS-Tricks and co-founder of CodePen

Chris Coyer took a star-spangled look back at the last 20 years of CSS.

Though we love the article we did miss the inclusion of our favorite CSS joke:

#titanic {

Maybe they’ll include it for the celebration in 2037.


Designing Efficient Web Forms

Ah, the web form.

We curse the ones we hate. And struggle to make ones people will actually fill out.

Smashing Magazine’s Nick Babich explores some excellent techniques gleaned from usability testing, field testing, eye-tracking studies, and complaints from disgruntled users.

It’s a sizeable read, so make sure you’ve had your coffee and are ready to weigh in on the comments section (along with everyone else!)

sketching skills

12 Simple Techniques To Push Your Sketching Skills

Whether you’re a designer, developer, or researcher, at some point you spent a lot of time in a classroom drawing. (Maybe some of your work is still hanging on your parent’s fridge.)

Well it’s time to get out the pen and paper again!

Because sketching is the perfect way to explain any idea you may have trouble putting into words.

Whether you’re looking to get into UX or just impress your team, boss, or client with your “mad whiteboarding skills,” CreativeBloq’s techniques will give you more confidence in your sketching abilities.


Why Are These Ugly Sites So Popular?

The Drudge Report and Craiglist are 20+ years old. Wikipidea is 15. Reddit 10.

What do all these sites have in common?

  1. They’ll all incredibly popular
  2. They’re not at all attractive

Check out this conversation The Next Web had with Intelligent Interfaces’ head of data visualization Amit Das to find out why in the heck these ugly sites keep the crowds coming back day after day.

Apparently looks aren’t everything.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.40.17 PM


How about a tool that makes developing and testing responsive design on multiple devices at once a breeze?

That’s the idea that got Dutch web developer Kristijan Ristovski (aka Kitze) thinking.

“I was already using React Storybook,to switch between all the variations of a component, but I still had to switch between 12 devices just to see the changes in all of them. And that’s how it all started.”

Check out his handy developing work at

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