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5 Great Tools and Tips for Designers and Developers (December 2015)

Source: Brett Lider

Ah, the holidays.

Family, food, friends...

And a fat credit card bill waiting for you in the New Year.

Don’t worry, you can still treat yourself to something awesome and absolutely free this holiday season.

Check out these tips and tools that are not only less expensive than a Peppermint Mocha, but contain far fewer than 440 calories.

1. 7 Ways to Beat Procrastination and Get Working Now

feature2Here’s something to snap you out of that tryptophan coma—or if you just can’t manage to get off the couch—at least give you something to think about when you’re back at your desk.

From dealing with your procrastination triggers to breaking down large projects into “digestible” chunks Tom Ewer and the WordCandy team have a lot of good GTD advice to pass along!

2. jQuery Tips Everyone Should Know

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Not to worry if you don’t already know these suggested by @AllThingsSmitty. Unless you’re vacationing at the GitHub Ranch, we can pretty much guarantee no one will ask you about them over the next couple of weeks.

3. 10 Typography Nightmares to Avoid


Halloween may be over, but there’s still time to avoid a typographic nightmare before Christmas. (Oh yes we did.) The folks at Creative Market put together this handy list of gaffes of which to steer clear.

Might we suggest laying it out nicely, then putting somewhere for everyone to see?

4. 3 UX Tweaks to Increase Repeat Purchases


This post is only about saving YOU money, remember? Check out these tips from KissMetrics on ways to keep customers coming back for more!

5. A Little Javascript Motion Engine for Animated UI


More fun than synchronized Christmas lights set to Metallica songs, Popmotion makes it even easier for developers to create and innovative user interfaces using animation. At 12 KB and open source, it’s a stocking stuffer every developer wants.

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