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5 Awesome Design and Development Resources (October 2013)

Source: kennymatic

Every month we present you the latest, greatest resources for digital creatives from around the web. Which is why we call this feature:

Digital Creative Resource Roundup!

There’s nothing scary about learning new tricks to your trade. Consider these our treats to you this Halloween! (And not just because we’ve already eaten all the chocolate.)

Have a resource we missed? Let us know in the comments section!

Google main

Google Web Designer

Google decided they couldn’t wait until Halloween to give out their goodies. (Worried about too many developers showing up at their door?) They just released a beta version of their tool that lets you create interactive HTML5-based designs and motions graphics that can run on any device. Beats the heck out of Pixy Stix.

typeverything main


A titanic (in a good way) Tumblr collection of typographic images. Stuck for inspiration? You won’t be after you’ve spent a few minutes on this site (and grabbed a cup of coffee).



A Google Chrome extension for testing your responsive design without resizing your browser window. It also works offline and is compatible with LiveReload.

flowtype main


Looking for the perfect character count per line at any screen width? Meet FlowTypeJS. Created by design firm Simple Focus, when you use it you’ll have full control over the base font-size and line-height ratios.Their promise to you: it’ll play friendly with Typekit, Cloud.Typography, Google Webfonts, and “any other service you can think of”.

sly main


A JavaScript library for one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support. Can be used a simple scrollbar replacement or as an animation interface for parallax websites. Works on any browser. And guaranteed to make you more sly.

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