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5 Awesome Design and Development Resources (February 2014)

Source: SchuminWeb

It’s not too late to give a Valentine’s gift, right?

We hope not, because we’ve got another great collection of Digital Creative Resources we know you’re going to love.

Lower in calories than chocolate, we believe you’ll find that they’re also considerably more durable than stuffed Vermont Teddy Bears.


Jeremy Keith: The Spirit Of The Web

Ever hear people rave about Irish web developer Jeremy Keith’s talk on The Long Web? (He presented it to enthusiastic audiences last year at An Event Apart, Future of Web Design, and SmashingConf.) Now you can rave too by watching the entire session shared here by Future Insights.

I Love Ligatures

If you love ligatures (and why shouldn’t you?) then you’ll positively swoon over this showcase of top-notch ligature inspiration.


A simple jQuery plugin that searches for SVG images (including background-images) on your site and creates PNG versions if the browser doesn’t support SVG.



A collection of smooth and easily customizable spinners or loading indicators using CSS animations.

While not meant for every browser—such as the ones that haven’t implemented the CSS animation properly—it’s well worth taking for a spin! (You saw that coming, right?)


Oh, the eternal question, “Does your site follow the Google webmaster guidelines?” Only Feedthebot knows for sure! Just put your URL in, hit “go,” and get back a full summary of how well you’re doing.

There are also useful topics for you on the homepage including “Block unuseful pages” and “Don’t try to trick Google”. Do mind that last one, they know where you live.

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