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5 Awesome Design and Development Resources (August 2013)


Each and every month we present you the latest, greatest resources for digital creatives from around the web. Which is why we call this feature:

Digital Creative Resource Roundup!

Ready for more heat? Good. Because these five tools are guaranteed to ratchet up your inner designer/developer thermometer.

(Have any additions? Feel free to add them in comments!)



From Swiss front end developer Sacha Schmid (creator of SSGS and other open-source projects) comes Countable, a JavaScript function to add live paragraph, word, and character counting to any HTML element.  It’s super small and doesn’t rely on any JS framework.

TypeEd Contest Script


RagRight is the blog from TypeEd, a  Los Angeles-based program that teaches fundamentals of typography and typesetting courses. Cool, huh? Even if you can’t get to their live classes, RagRight is an excellent resource for typography, lettering, and design.

long shadow

Long Shadow Generator

A PSD file that allows you to apply the Long Shadow effect quickly to your design element. Not familiar with Long Shadow? Let designer/developer/scientist Jeff Escalante explain it to you.



A great Google Chrome extension that lets you easily test responsive websites, even if you’re offline (and you never have to resize your browser window).  Rated 4½ stars in the Chrome Web Store.


Golden Ratio Typography Calculator

Speaking of great typography, use this simple tool to help create font greatness. You just need to enter a fonts size or content width (or both), an optional CPL (characters per line), then click the Set my type!! button and stand back for fontastic recommendations. (Oh yes, we did.)

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