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5 Awesome Design and Development Resources (April 2014)

Source: Thomas Leuthard

If your hectic work schedule didn’t allow you a Break this Spring, here’s a little something for compensation: five sizzling resources guaranteed to help chill out your frayed nerves and hopefully lighten your workload.

Any awesome tools we missed here? Let us know in comments!



Andy Baio referred to Julian Garnier's Tridiv as an “astounding new web-based editor for making 3D objects in CSS.” This editor uses a traditional four-pane interface that gives a view from each plane as well as a preview pane showing the final object. HTML and CSS are generated on the fly and can be edited within Tridiv or over on CodePen. If you can believe it, Julian created this by himself in his spare time!


Type Finder

If you find yourself wasting tons of time on projects browsing endlessly through fonts, you have to check out Type Finder. The clean, simple interface guides you (via questionnaire) through a curated library of fonts. If you don’t like the not-so-prodding questions, feel free to skip right to the library.

ps ettiquette

Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto

The time-worn expression, “Nobody likes inheriting muddy PSDs” gave rise to the Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto. An online list of helpful and subtle suggestions for you and your team to organize Photoshop documents, this will help make transferring files much less painful.


Glyphr Studio

A free HTML5-based font editor that makes it wicked simple for designers to create their own fonts. It runs in the browser (it purportedly works best in Chrome) so you’ll never have to worry about updates or even installing an app. The fine folks at Glyphr have set up a sandbox for you to play around with fonts in progress or you can just jump right into the deep end and start your own font from scratch.

thin fonts

35 Beautiful and Free Thin Fonts

Vandelay Design hops aboard the Hollywood bandwagon and takes a moment to celebrate the beautiful and the thin. If you have “discriminating clients”, be sure to bookmark this page, so you’ll have something on hand the next time you need to create rich, elegant designs.

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