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4 Reasons to Consider a Freelancer for the Marketing Position You’re Looking to Fill


Some managers are skeptical about hiring freelancers. But not you, right? You understand that a particularly creative or specialized marketing talent can help enhance your existing strategy and assist you with special projects. Kick them into high gear, so to speak.

But if you’re at all on the fence about bringing in freelancers, here are a few reasons to consider hiring temporary help for your next project..

1. Save Time and Energy

Hiring managers and business owners have these choices for meeting a growing need in online marketing:

  •      Learn it yourself and try to pitch in
  •      Hire a full-time employee
  •      Find a freelancer with a proven track record of success
  •      Enlist the help of a big online marketing firm

An independent digital marketing pro can be a game changer for small and mid-sized companies. While the hourly rates are typically higher than you would pay a permanent hire, you only pay for the time you need.

During busy months when demand is high, your profits are also up. If you hire additional full-time staff members, you may lose precious time to training and onboarding. You may pay your freelancer more, but you receive high-quality work that creates future business.

When you find a qualified online marketing expert, you may hire them regularly. They internalize your value and expectations, providing you quality work within a set timeline and budget. Whenever you have a need, you simply pick up the phone or send an email.

2. Unlock a Fresh Perspective

The full-time employees in your marketing department may have been doing an excellent job in their position for years. They have keen insight into your target audience and they eat, sleep, and breathe the values of your brand. They are comfortable with the technology you use to get the job done and they can read campaign feedback at a glance. They know everything there is to know about your products and services. They intimately understand the value you provide. They may have designed your website, so they know how each aspect functions.

But their very familiarity can at times be a disadvantage. Prospective clients don’t already understand what your brand has to offer. They don’t understand what makes you unique or how to use what you make. When they visit your website, they don’t know where everything is located.

A specialized freelancer has training and experience that allows them to evaluate your marketing and technology through the consumer’s eyes. They may find unique pain points and offer a point of view that is more reflective of your target audience than your current staff can.

Also, full-time talent often work with multiple brands across industries, giving them exposure to unfamiliar methods and perspectives that can drive innovation. They may be able to analyze your user data and create something completely new that’s still in line with the personality and mission of your brand.

3. Access Advanced Skill Sets

Because freelancers work with such a wide range of clients, they also develop a broad knowledge base. They have the opportunity to try the most innovative technology and work with experts in a number of industries.

You can choose someone with a wide range of basic skills to fill a variety of roles, or hire a freelancer who specializes in the area you need most. If you need help with your PPC campaign or content marketing, for example, some talent have advanced training in those specific areas. If there isn’t someone already on your team with advanced SEO knowledge, hiring a specialized freelancer can save you time, money and stress – and give you better results.

4. Get More Flexibility in Staffing Special Projects

Creative marketing often comes with special projects like creating infographics and one-off campaigns and events. A freelancer allows you to hire someone just for those individual projects.

If the freelancer provides value, you can always hire them for future work. When you have an open creative marketing spot, it always makes sense to fill it with the person who will provide your organization with both the best experience and the most value. Your task is to determine if that person should be a full-timer or a full-time freelancer.

Vitamin T represents thousands of digital creative freelancers who may just be your next best hire. If you are strapped for time, we can find and vet talent so you get the best creative talent without the big time commitment. Just give us a holler to find out more.

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