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4 More Years! A Thank You Note from Our President


It is with great pleasure that I’m writing today to say thank you AGAIN for another great year here at Vitamin T!

I’m proud of the amazing staff I get to work with every day and the incredible customers we have helped find one another in our never-ending quest to make great digital creative work possible.

We built our business to benefit agencies and mid-sized companies who need highly skilled digital creative talent—and to help those very talent build lifelong careers in an industry we love.

Matchmaking is NOT an easy process… As production cycles get shorter, the talent market becomes even more competitive, and a globalized world seeks meaningful connections, the value we add becomes even clearer to me. And our commitment to making quality matches for our customers is validated, repeatedly.

Over the past year we have (re)learned a lot:

  • CULTURE. Fit goes beyond a skill set. While how people connect may change, the fact that people need to connect with like-minded others has not changed at all. Meeting our talent and client face-to-face still matters.

  • LOCAL. We are not a nameless, faceless job board. We are people who love interacting with people, and we enjoy solving problems for the customers in our local communities. Being where our customers are matters.

  • LEARNING. The digital design and development world is constantly changing. To keep up, we all have to learn together and share what we know. Our free Gymnasium online training program boasts over 45,000 registrants, and counting!

  • SERVICE. Every company is up against competition. Those who provide excellent customer service are the ones who stand out. We measure ourselves by the feedback we get from our customers, which helped us win Inavero’s Best of Staffing Award for Client and Talent experience AGAIN this year!

Here are just a few of the fabulous things our clients and talent said about us in the past year:

  • “Thanks for the great service and top notch talent. I am particularly impressed with the wide range of specialty talent that you offer. I have used your agency for copywriting, visual design and user experience talent. The skills, attitude and professionalism has always been excellent. Also, I am very busy, so thanks for making it easy.”

  • “The team at Vitamin T is extraordinarily buttoned-up, attentive, helpful and has assignments that intrigue and interest me. When I've hired Vitamins for my own assignments, they've always been extraordinarily talented, pleasant, hard working and people I'd want to work with, side by side.”

  • “Vitamin T has provided us candidates on very short notice. They are responsive, reliable, excellent communication and follow up. For that reason I wouldn't go to any other agency for help finding creative talent.”

  • “I've had such a great experience! Vitamin T was able to place me in a position that ended up being perfect for me, and I was eventually hired by the company. I'm so grateful and will always recommend Vitamin T to anyone looking for a job.”

  • “The quality of design candidates as well as the number of them is higher than my internal recruiters are able to provide. I like the flexibility of contracting before committing to a hire. Rates are reasonable and my rep is very responsive.”

  • “All the people I've encountered at Vitamin T have been super helpful, willing to listen and I know they have my best interests in mind -- not just them getting paid for placing an employee.”

And that’s just a sample of the literally hundreds of customer testimonials we’ve received in the past year alone!

So overall, it’s been a fabulous year here at Vitamin T!

But worry not. We don’t rest on our laurels.

FOUR MORE YEARS (and more)!

So thanks again to everyone who has helped make Vitamin T possible.

As part of our commitment to service, we believe in access, and I would love to hear from you! You can find me in lots of places:

323 475 7374

Happy 4th Anniversary, dearest Vitamins!

Your biggest fan,


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