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3 Ways to Keep Your Creative Ideas Fresh

We are all creatures of habit and operate on autopilot much of the time. It is no wonder that at times we find it hard to develop new ideas or new ways of presenting information clearly.

For creative talent, their job is to rack their brains for those light bulb moments, time and time again. As a talent agency who lives to help creatives be successful at their jobs, we’ve done some highly scientific research of our own on this very subject. So here are three tips to help keep your mind focused, your creativity refreshed, and generally help keep those brilliant ideas coming…

1. Keep an ideas journal

Keeping a journal is an easy way to keep track of all those great ideas the very moment they pop into your head. It might be something you come back to at a later date, or something you use right away. But a journal gives you a place to go to when you need a little inspiration. It can be a collection of thoughts, sketches, quotes, photos, URLs or things you tear out of magazines or clip from websites. Anything that inspires you.

2. Kill the autopilot

Sometimes it’s really hard for inspiration to hit when you’re surrounded by the same environment day after day. Taking some time out of the office can be a real help. Just going for a stroll or visiting a gallery or an old bookshop, can we be just enough of a change to get the creative juices flowing again.

Events such as Digital Doughnut and Glug are also helpful ways for creatives to stay ahead of the curve, network with others, and share ideas, so make a plan to get yourself out there.

3. Think in reverse

If you’re experiencing a creative block, turn it on its head.

According to Talent Space, instead of focusing on how you could solve a problem, improve operations or enhance a product, consider how could you create that problem, worsen operations or downgrade the product. It sounds strange, but it often works. Instead of asking what a problem is and how to fix it, reverse brainstorming asks, “What causes the problem?” or, “What achieves the exact opposite effect of what we’re looking for?” The reverse ideas will come flowing, and once you've reversed them again, you will find possible solutions for the original challenge.

Have any other ideas on staying fresh? Then please share here!

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