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2017 Hiring Trends That Will Impact Your Creative Team


As you work to plan your staffing needs for the next six to twelve months, take into consideration the biggest changes and trends we're seeing for creative professionals. How will these impact the way you hire, who you hire, and your competitive edge?

Boomerang Employees Are Likely to Continue to Impact Your Staffing

As a creative director, chances are you've seen this type of employee before. Boomerang employees are those individuals who work for you, leave, and then come back. While this used to be a trend in which individuals were leaving for perceived "greener pastures" on the other side, this time, the reasoning can be more complex. There's a growing trend for creatives to leave their employers, freelance, struggle with the process, and then come back to their employers. Family matters, new opportunities, and compensation are the most common reasons for these individuals to leave.

If you have lost top talent, it may be wise to reach out to them six months down the road to find out how they are doing and if there's interest in coming back. While this won’t bring back all employees or emerging talent, it can be a valuable tool for some organizations. These individuals know your company's culture, you know their work ethic, and they don't require extensive training. So don’t hesitate to keep in touch!

It Will Remain Difficult to Hire Top Talent

Today, managers find it more and more difficult to bring in top talent. This is very much true in the skilled creative industry. Talent is valuable and hard to find for many companies. There are various reasons this is happening. One of them is the demand for top creatives. With less supply and most wanting to work for the top agencies and hottest start-ups, it's become harder to find and lure in the very best talent out there.

Many creative professionals prefer freelance as well. This can make it harder for you to convince them to work for you.  When possible lucrative incentives, flexible scheduling, and key employee benefits will help you compete.

Vetting for Specialized Skills Has Changed

Businesses are adapting their products and services based on technology. The demand for more and different types of talent in the digital sector is likely to change your approach to evaluating talent.  New roles and specialties can lead to confusion over what’s within or outside of a talent’s skill-set or capabilities.

Vitamin T and Aquent created an Independent Assessment program fueled by their Expert Network—seasoned pros in UX, development, and design —that administer independent assessments of our specialized skills talent. It’s an additional one-hour interview that includes more technical assessments like code reviews and digs into specific projects. By also noting soft-skills you determine communication style and cultural fit. A fully transparent record of the interview is shared for you to review from your Talent Pool profile.

Candidates Will Move Faster

For those who are looking for talent, increased competition will lead to the need to offer better, higher quality incentives. It will also require companies to act quicker. It will no longer be possible or beneficial to sit on applications. You simply need to have a dedicated team in place ready to assess needs, screen applicants as they come in and take action quickly to move these individuals into the hiring process. Of course, quality talent will still be an important factor here – you can still be selective in who you bring on, but you'll need to be able and ready to respond as that talent becomes available.

Other trends impacting the hiring market for creatives:
  • There's more of a focus than ever on hiring talent digitally rather than through traditional means. We created Talent Pool to give our clients on-demand access to availability, portfolios, resumes, salary ranges, and past client feedback.
  • Many companies will rely on professional staffing services to ease some of the financial burden and headache related to full time employees.

  • More intense background screenings and employment verifications will also be requested. The more digital the industry has become, the greater need for information you can trust.

Hiring creatives in 2017 will bring its share of challenges, but the opportunity to find great talent is still very much possible, especially for those companies willing to offer high quality incentives and that have a hiring process in place that snaps up the top quality talent before their competition.

How We Can Help

Need help finding great talent? We specialize in digital creatives, personally meeting each one of our candidates face-to-face and conducting hands-on assessments and full portfolio reviews to ensure our talent’s skills are best in class. Fill out our request talent form and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP!

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