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11 Tips to Creating a Winning Portfolio


At our latest Creative Portfolio Review event in London, we were lucky enough to be joined by some really stellar creatives. These included:

We asked them to share with us their thoughts on creating and presenting (can’t forget that part) a truly killer portfolio and here it is!

  1. Brand Yourself
    Give your portfolio a brand, make a logo for yourself and use it on every page throughout your portfolio.
  1. Use White space
    Make sure your portfolio is not too cluttered; give each project enough room to breathe.
  1. Be Selective
    Don’t put too many projects in. One project per discipline (that is, branding, print, website, print) or a maximum of 8 to 10 projects for a single discipline. Be confident showing fewer projects which target the skills you are selling.
  1. Be Bold
    Don’t be afraid to include self-initiated projects. They show creativity and a willingness to push yourself.
  1. Show Your Process
    Show the stages of the project where relevant: initial sketches through to where the design was used. Creative Directors are always interested  in seeing how you approached a project.
  1. Use Written Descriptions
    Have a description of the project written next to the creative. Make sure each project is explained enough to be understood by someone seeing it for the first time.
  1. Think About Format
    If you show a printed portfolio, A3 is best (in US, this would translate to ledger size: 11” x 17”). An online portfolio is fine, but have a printed back-up version in case you have technical issues.
  1. Talk About Yourself
    Give your story behind the work. Include details such as what your role was, what applications or techniques you used or how this piece of work is relevant to the role you are being interviewed for. Never say “This is just…”
  1. Be Enthusiastic
    Be passionate about your work! Your enthusiasm could be the one thing that gets you the job. (All our Creative Directors agreed that attitude is often the deal-maker)
  1. Don’t Waffle
    Time yourself presenting your portfolio; you don’t want to be going over 20 minutes. Don't leave all your best work to the end—just in case time runs out.
  1. Be Yourself
    Be personal and reveal your personality. Try to relax, it’s difficult to do but with practice, you’ll get it. It will really benefit your interview. 

Anything to add to our Creative Directors’ advice?

Let us know!

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