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10 Great Apps for Managing Freelancers


We know you're organized, but managing freelance creative talent can test even the most organized among us. From teaching them the ropes to sharing information to keeping deadlines front and center, it's a full-time job. But fear not, because there's an app for that (many apps, in fact) to make your job easier. We've scoured the web and come up with 10 great apps to help you manage creative freelancers.

Evernote (FREE—iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Desktop)

This awesome app helps you remember everything. Keep your musings and important business papers all in one place. Think of it as a massive filing cabinet that fits neatly in your phone. You can record your every thought, create task lists, and even capture photos of receipts and invoices so if you lose the originals. It also syncs all your devices so you haven't got bits and pieces of data all over the place. That's right, you'll be even more prepared than a Boy Scout.

CamCard ($6.99—iPhone, Android, Blackberry)

Business cards can be sneaky little characters. One minute they're there, the next minute they're not. Luckily, there's CamCard—a business card scanner for your smart phone. Just take a photo of the business card and CamCard automatically recognizes the card data. From there you can save it to your phone's address book or as an image in its built-in Card Holder.

Print ($8.99 -- iPhone and iPad)

Need a hand(out)? The Print app lets you print to any printer on your wireless network using your iPhone and iPad. Now you can print email attachments, photos, MS Office, and iWork documents, and anything else that you just have to have in hard copy. Print proves that paper isn't out; sometimes it's necessary.

Roambi (FREE—iPhone)

Spreadsheets are about as fun to view as a test pattern. This app makes keeping track of your freelancers' hours, rates, and any other data super simple by visualizing the data. More important, it makes it easy to share project files with your team.

DropBox (FREE— iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Desktop)

People on the go need to access and share files wherever they are. This cloud app lets you organize and exchange your files when you're on the road. Now that's handy.

Dragon Dictation (FREE—iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry)

We know your want to record those fabulous epiphanies you get when you're traveling, but please keep your eyes on the road! Dragon Dictation lets you speak your emails, text messages, and notes straight into your phone. You can even dictate status updates on Facebook and Twitter. (e.g.,“I'm not texting while driving.”) Plus, it's up to five times faster than typing on your keyboard and supports up to eight languages.

Insight - Basecamp on iPhone ($9.99—iPhone)

If you use Basecamp then you definitely need Insight. Insight lets you manage all your Basecamp projects on the go. Get status updates of your projects, delegate and complete tasks, post messages, and add time logs. With this app you'll be more organized than a soccer mom. Seriously.

Analytics App ($6.99—iPhone, iPad)

Want to see how well people are responding to your freelancer's work? Then Analytics App is for you. This app ties into Google Analytics and gives you feedback on your websites and blogs. Find out what keywords were hot this month, how much traffic your sites got, what your most popular articles, and more.

CoffeeSpot Pro ($1.99—iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Need a quick meeting spot? CoffeeSpot Pro gets you to the closest coffee shop to your location with just one tap. Best of all, it doesn't just lead you to major coffee shop chains like Starbucks, it also directs you to smaller indie coffee shops. Major bonus!

SeamlessWeb Food Delivery (FREE—iPhone, Android, Blackberry)

When you're working with creatives, the phrase “no time to eat” becomes fairly regular. But with the SeamlessWeb Food Delivery app you can get food delivered for 6,500 restaurants across 27 cities. SeamlessWeb Food Delivery allows you to browse menus, order food, pay the tip, and have it delivered to your office all in a matter of minutes. Order up!

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