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10 Employers That Provide Health Benefits to All Employees Equally


"We are in great company, especially with one of our clients Starbucks."

– John Chuang, Aquent/Vitamin T CEO

Staffing leader Aquent/Vitamin T was noted along with nine other top employers that offer health insurance to temporary and part time workers: Starbucks, UPS, JPMorgan Chase, Activision Blizzard, American Red Cross, Costco, Aetna, Staples, and San Mateo County, California.  “It is the right thing to do, especially during the COVID-19 health pandemic, which has adversely affected the lives of so many workers,” says Aquent CEO John H. Chuang. Nearly 30 years ago, Aquent began to offer health insurance to all workers equally. It also recently extended sick pay to all workers in the U.S. and Canada.

This article originally appeared on U.S News & World Report.

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