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Recruiting that helps Northern Trust stay on top.

Services used: Recruitment Marketplace

Northern Trust knows how to handle complex financial investments and transactions. But what they love about Scout is its thousands of recruiters on one platform, with one invoice, which makes recruitment across every department super simple.

Northern Trust Northern Trust

Right at home helping Freddie Mac help customers.

Services used: Project Management Software

RoboHead enables Freddie Mac to handle a huge volume of quick- turnaround projects. In fact, 700 employees use it to support digital marketing, including website, customer education, and learning and development content.

Freddie Mac Freddie Mac

Finding the world’s #1 job-seeking site the talent they’re looking for.

Services used: Freelance Talent

When you’re looking for a new job, you probably go to Indeed—and when Indeed was looking for an army of copywriters to support their super ambitious content goals, they came to us. The relationship has been a great match for two matchmakers.

Indeed Indeed

Accessibility goals for Ontario, made accessible.

Services used: Studio Services

The government of Ontario is committed to accessibility for every citizen. So their land registry called on us to get the right teams in place to develop complex app components (think search, mapping, and more) to meet—and exceed—2021 requirements.

Ontario Ontario

Building teams that help Altium software build anything.

Services used: Direct Hire

Altium develops software for the automotive, aerospace, defense, and telecommunications industries. And now the talent we placed in their in-house agency are driving, lifting, defending, and communicating a totally transformed brand.

Altium Altium

Bringing top talent to SolarWinds was a breeze.

Services used: Progressive Hire

From Copywriters to Community Managers to Webcast Producers, we’re helping business software giant, SolarWinds, build its in-house Marketing Team. Because of our relationships with top-tier talent, we continually deliver results.

SolarWinds SolarWinds

Custom support for Casper that’s a dream.

Services used: Studio Services

Casper, the company that invented the “mattress in a box,” was losing sleep. Their in-house studio was either super busy or super not. A traditional agency wasn’t the answer. Aquent Studios is—with flexible support that’s just right for their needs.

Casper Casper

Winning talent management for Halo developer, 343 Industries.

Services used: Employer of Record

For 343 Industries, it’s game on. That’s because we support seamless talent onboarding and provide top-notch benefits and career development. It means they can focus on what they do best—overseeing one of the most epic game franchises in history, Halo.

343 Industries 343 Industries