Photo of Whitney
Photo of Whitney

Hi, I’m Whitney.

Whitney Westphal Vitamin T Agent Los Angeles Metro

I have a relentless drive, paired with a “whatever it-takes” attitude, which I plan to bring to Vitamin T. Most recently, I was the Director of Sales and Marketing at a tech startup located in New Orleans, Louisiana. But don't take me too seriously! I have what my friends call "LKS". It stands for: Little Kid Syndrome. Basically, my sense of humor mirrors an eight year old boy. My interests include painting, playing in photoshop or teaching myself the Autoharp (I bet you'll have to look that up). Most people say I am weird, but I like to say I am eclectic. Don't believe me? Wait until I talk to you!

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Whitney is one of our awesome agents for Los Angeles Metro who can’t wait to help you.


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