Photo of Sha'Ron
Photo of Sha'Ron

Hi, I’m Sha'Ron.

Sha'Ron Martin Vitamin T Agent Washington, DC

After graduating from college with a degree in Public Relations and Marketing, I thought about what kind of creative position I could get into that would build on my skills. And then I realized that Talent Acquisition and Talent Management was more my passion. After three years working in recruiting in the staffing industry, I realized, "why not get into a position where you can combine the two?" Now, I have the opportunity to work with people who have a creative and abstract background all while doing what I love... Recruiting! I now have the chance to work in my field again and learn things I didn't even know were out there! When my adrenaline isn't pumping at work, I am enjoying time with my family and friends, traveling and exploring things and sights I have yet to experience! I have a true passion for the creative talent industry, so if you're looking to work with someone who will advocate for you and your future, reach out to me today, and let's work together to target an opportunity to evolve and excel each other!

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  • RT @vitamintalent: Female managers outperform their male counterparts when it comes to driving employee engagement.…
  • Integrity smells much better than desperation.
  • RT @MichelleObama: Always inspired by your powerful contributions @Beyonce. You are a role model for us all. Thank you for investing in our…
  • Are you in the job market? Don't be sad! Apply for that job, go on that interview, research that company! Stay proactive! #CareerAdvice
  • Not being courteous and responsive are all reflections upon YOU and your brand! Do better! #RecruiterAdvice #CareerAdvice #CareerDevelopment

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Sha'Ron is one of our awesome agents for Northern Virginia and Washington, DC who can’t wait to help you.


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