Photo of Peggy
Photo of Peggy

Hi, I’m Peggy.

Peggy Smith Vitamin T Biz Dev Austin, TX

I love what I do. What other job can you have where if a client asks for an illustrator that can draw an alligator on skis your response would be "water or snow?" My biggest obsession other than work is soccer. Other passions include the color purple (not the movie but the combination of red and blue), Peanuts (Snoopy and Woodstock) and travel.

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  • Love it or hate it, the traditional job landscape isn’t coming back anytime soon.
  • Trust, safety and the pursuit of transparency in online media have been top of mind for marketers this year.
  • Some of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time -- and why they were so successful.
  • Even the best automation tool will require a sound social strategy.
  • STEP 1: Do some recon on who's hiring for what.

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