Photo of Nathan
Photo of Nathan

Hi, I’m Nathan.

Nathan Barker Vitamin T Biz Dev Toronto, CA

I’m a nerd, gardener and love anything to do with the stars but I'm thrilled to be a part of the Vitamin T team here in Toronto. I bring to the team a background in technology with my previous staffing experience focusing in on placing strong web developers and excellent customer service with clients ranging from agency to corporate and anything in between.

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  • @CwG_NSF @WaywardPlane I'll go with a Cat 1-2, gotta love a good party.
  • @WaywardPlane @CwG_NSF
  • @CwG_NSF Goos point I want to come back down to see the FH too, then I'll get two landings. Im trying to spend out…
  • @TedNoah
  • @Cosmic_Carol But you're going to Russia, but please don't cry. Lol.

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