Photo of Meredith
Photo of Meredith

Hi, I’m Meredith.

Meredith Lawlor Vitamin T Agent New York Metro

HURRY! The Wonderful World of Creativity needs YOU to save it! Without the help of your "out of the box" thinking and technical skills, mankind is doomed to endure a lifetime of boredom and outdated ideas. Contact me now and I'll quickly connect you with like-minded teams that will utilize your talents for the greater good! Act quickly before carrier pigeons, pagers and dare I say it, dial-up internet return to the planet Earth and neutralize our colourful and bold conceptions!

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  • What inspiring videos! Be sure to watch all three. Great project by The Webby Awards and Vitamin T
  • What Brands Need to Know About Gen Z to Reach the New Generation of Consumers
  • Millennials Don’t Want Fun; They Want You To Lead Better
  • Agreed.
  • Leave it to Fjord to not only kill it with some fabulous insight, but also for displaying it in a satisfyingly beaut…

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Meredith is one of our awesome agents for New York Metro who can’t wait to help you.


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