Photo of MaryJane
Photo of MaryJane

Hi, I’m MaryJane.

MaryJane Boyd Vitamin T Biz Dev Houston, TX

Where to begin? Where to begin? I guess my passion for business development began when I closed my first deal with my first client and I wanted to know more about how to get more deals with more people at the client...and then how to grow beyond that. I grew hungry and the only way I knew to do this was to look at my surroundings as if it were my own business and begin consulting to find the needs and develop the solutions. My passion for recruiting began when I was approached for resume help because of my background in writing and my background in networking. When I combined my passion for helping businesses find solutions to their problems with my enjoyment of helping people improve their professional selves, business development within creative staffing just made sense. I also get to use my background in Communications, Web Design, and all the other funky stuff daily...which is super cool!

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MaryJane is one of our awesome biz dev folks for Houston, TX who can’t wait to help you.


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