Photo of Lola
Photo of Lola

Hi, I’m Lola.

Lola Sizemore Vitamin T Agent Boston, MA

Hi! I'm a creative, fun and outgoing agent who loves to help people! I have a background in art direction/graphic design and I'm always looking out for the next big thing. I love working with great, amazing people!

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  • I LOVE @RentTheMusical but can we talk about how insane it was that a bunch of people thought they could get free rent? IN NYC?
  • The best thing I've seen this morning:
  • Perfect example for BAD technology disrupting work, it's my life today. I closed this pop-up 3x since first tweet. #loosingmymind 3/3
  • We supposedly do not have Siri on work laptops. But for whatever reason, I do. Every 30 sec, I close this window. About 960 times today. 2/3
  • Here's what's happening today: every 30 seconds, an obnoxious pop up window for Siri comes up on my laptop. 1/3

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Lola is one of our awesome agents for Boston, MA who can’t wait to help you.


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