Photo of Lizzy
Photo of Lizzy

Hi, I’m Lizzy.

Lizzy Graham Vitamin T Biz Dev Detroit, MI

Why hello there! I have the great pleasure of working with agencies and companies that thrive in the great state of Michigan and those that contribute to the revitalization and resurgence of Detroit. I do my best work by partnering with leaders, marketing and creative teams and change-makers who see the value in working with top creative talent to enhance the work they do. Curious to learn more or needing creative/marketing help? I'd love to hear from you! Give me a shout anytime.

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  • Why having a backup plan might actually sabotage your efforts toward Plan A. So before you set up your safety net...
  • RT @Aquent: Calling all #NewYork actors! #CastingCall Apply Now:
  • "the day I realized that who I was and what I was doing every day were completely mismatched"
  • "It was during my final corporate job, under the ubiquitous fluorescent lights, I realized I was allergic to them."
  • #4 Scope Creepers. The 5 Types Of Clients To Dump So You Can Strengthen Your Business

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