Photo of Kristin
Photo of Kristin

Hi, I’m Kristin.

Kristin Barger Vitamin T Agent Northern Virginia

It all began when I discovered the importance of flour ratios. Allow me to explain: as a lifelong baker, I’ve been in constant pursuit of the perfect Snickerdoodle recipe. I’d scour the web for butter and egg temperature strategies and analyze my ingredients’ order of operations; still, the cookies, though tasty, came out of the oven flat. Despite my feelings of frustration and defeat, I began to recognize two very important qualities in myself: 1) unparalleled gumption and 2) appalling levels of tenacity. So, I kept at it. At the height of my research, I stumbled upon the answer: I needed to use cake flour in addition to whole-wheat pastry flour. Further, in order to achieve the right consistency, I needed to use the proper ratios of these flours. My taste-testing panel smiled when I brought in a batch of these warm cinnamon-sugar treats. With just one bite, their eyes simultaneously lit up and rolled back in their heads. In that moment, I learned a valuable lesson: When you use the right mix of ingredients, you get the result you’re looking for. I’ve been fascinated by the power of well-made, quality recipes ever since. And from baking to management to recruiting, quality has always been my work.

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