Photo of Kevin
Photo of Kevin

Hi, I’m Kevin.

Kevin Tran Vitamin T Biz Dev Dallas, TX

Is looking for great creative talent causing your temples to throb? Let me be your aspirin. I can help solve your creative needs so well you'll think I'm a mind reader. Don't believe me? I know this: you don't like headaches. BOOM! Mind reader. Call me for more amazing tricks—but let's limit it to creative talent. Card tricks aren't really my thing.

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  • @JackBox I would but you guys would probably get the order wrong.
  • @JackBox should have a 3rd window to fix the order they just messed up. 3 times in my last 4 visits? Ridiculous
  • RT @vitamintalent: We’ve outlined Behance’s top tips for making your portfolio irresistible!
  • It was a blast!
  • How to Get Lucky...and Land Your Dream Job in 2017 DSVC National Student Show @vitamintalent @…

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