Photo of Kelly
Photo of Kelly

Hi, I’m Kelly.

Kelly Drodofsky Vitamin T Agent Seattle, WA

My passion is helping others meet their career goals. I am a recruiter turned graphic designer turned graphic design recruiter. I've combined my background to connect the best talent in Seattle with the best jobs! As someone who has worked with staffing agencies in the past as both a client and a candidate I can honestly say Vitamin T is different. I truly care about YOUR experience with us. If you are a designer, developer, UI/UX designer, copywriter, or coordinator please connect with me even it's just to say "Hello!"

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  • RT @FIirtationship: PSA: The new iPhone costs $999. The entire Cracker Barrel menu costs $887.71 ...make smart choices.
  • I fully accept that the following statement makes me officially an old lady, but I don't trust facial recognition on a phone... #iPhoneX
  • RT @DOMtheB0MB: I just love how they announce the new iPhone and suddenly my phone is slower than ever 👍🏽
  • RT @elenalevschu: Things people have uncomfortably strong opinions about: -cilantro -climate change -a cappella -wearing socks to bed
  • #IfCellphonesDidntExist I would have unbelievable amounts of money saved from drunken @amazon purchases...

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