Photo of Julie
Photo of Julie

Hi, I’m Julie.

Julie Zaitz Vitamin T Agent Tampa, FL

I have a passion for meeting new people and matching the very best talent to our equally awesome clients! In my spare time, you can find me swimming laps at the gym, sipping a pumpkin spice latte and cheering on the Fighting Irish!

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  • Need a job? Need a grapic designer? Call Brad! Vitamin of the Week: Brad Eaton via @vitamintalent
  • We're a Top Rated agency on Glassdoor! Special thanks to our amazing Clients, Talent & Staff for your feedback!
  • We're accepting artwork for annual @vitamintalent calendar. Awesome opportunity to be featured globally! info here:
  • Free Webinar: Design Systems and Creativity with @brad_frost & @sophshepherd —LIVE 7/17. Sign up to attend! #design
  • The Work That Made Me: Part 3 of Our Video Series with Top Creatives via @vitamintalent #webbyconnect

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