Photo of Emily
Photo of Emily

Hi, I’m Emily.

Emily Peel Vitamin T Agent Los Angeles Metro

Grew up in Chicago then moved out to Colorado for college, and got my degrees in Psychology and Sociology. I found this love of studying people and their interactions; learning why we do the things we do. Luckily, I was given the chance to apply this passion towards connecting people with opportunity. There's no better feeling than creating that perfect fit between talent and clients!

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  • RT @mashable: Screw 'Star Wars': The best thing at the movie theater in 2017 is Cheetos Popcorn…
  • To everyone attending AEA we've had an awesome couple days... I challenge each of you to sit with someone new, find…
  • Accessibility: We need to move it out of the hands of one or two people and make it part of your process overall. -@feather #AEADenver
  • RT @suzillazilla: Don't miss out! Webby Awards entry deadline is THIS Friday, December 15.
  • When focusing on Accessibility: Let’s not focus on being perfect, lets focus on being better. @feather #AEADenver

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