Photo of Deborah
Photo of Deborah

Hi, I’m Deborah.

Deborah Fodor Vitamin T Regional Director Toronto, CA

Passionate about Technology - Interior Design - Fashion - and how it all works together to inspire. Museum nerd. Grew up in beautiful Toronto. Love to travel. Have travelled extensively and will continue to be inspired by people and their cultures. And Museums. And Art. Does history repeat itself? Do we learn from our past? Love learning anything new. Have a real curiosity about people which is why I am passionate about being in this industry! Technology is our present and our future but people make it all happen - by being curious, creative, and believing that the impossible is possible. So, I guess that makes me part dreamer too? Looking forward to chatting!

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  • What does it mean to bring your whole, authentic self into work?
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Deborah is one of our awesome regional directors for Toronto, CA who can’t wait to help you.


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