Photo of Chuck
Photo of Chuck

Hi, I’m Chuck.

Chuck Brady Vitamin T Regional Director Chicago, IL

I lead the Vitamin T Team in Chicago. I've been dedicated to helping organizations meet their objectives with the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout my entire career. I'm fortunate to have a great and vibrant team of like minded people who have a passion for creatives and the creative companies who need them. We love being the driving force for creatives in the Chicago market and we're ready to help you find the right talent or locate the best opportunity to fit your creative expertise.

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  • Vitamin T's technology, service and expertise are highlighted in this new Forbes article published today. Check it…
  • For your desktop pleasure! Thank you @ralphgioseffi! We employ the BEST Talent!
  • Obviously! ;)
  • We have experts waiting to help you! Contact us anytime!
  • I am so proud to have my team members be acknowledged! We have the best in the business! Congrats Devin Martin!

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