Photo of Allison
Photo of Allison

Hi, I’m Allison.

Allison Ward Vitamin T Biz Dev Atlanta, GA

Nice to meet you! My professional experience includes staffing sales, customer service, and account management in the higher education sector. I am left handed which could explain a lot about my nutty personality. I love a good joke and I am a huge music nerd (I do not play any, I just love to be around it). I am obsessed with my border collie/lab, Ruby, and my orange tabby, Leo. I am excited to connect with hiring managers in the creative industry and help with their talent needs!

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  • RT @TwitterMoments: 1) What is a dotard? 2) How do you say it in Korean?
  • @jk_rowling I ❤️ you!
  • RT @jk_rowling: I thought that, too, but I've checked, and it turns out he pulls that face all the time.
  • So proud to work here!

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