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We get you the best digital creative talent, FAST! Our proprietary vetting process makes sure you have the skills you need, when you need them.

Vitamin T Video Transcript XML 0:02 I'm Marti. 0:02 I'm a creative talent agent with Vitamin T. 0:04 And I wanted to tell you a little bit more 0:06 about what we do, and why you should care. 0:08 To make a perfect match, you have to know your client. 0:12 To learn what makes their business tick. 0:15 I like to ask my clients, you know, who are the people who 0:18 really, really thrived in your environment? 0:21 What would this person's life look 0:22 like on a day to day basis? 0:23 How would they interact with other people 0:25 in the organization? 0:26 Cultural fit is, I would say, 9 times out of 10, 0:30 why we hear that a job isn't working out. 0:32 A lot of our clients have had really bad experiences 0:35 in the past, of getting sent candidates 0:37 that, no one's spoken to. 0:39 No one knows, really, what their background 0:41 looks like beyond a resume. 0:43 So we take the time to bring everybody in to our office, 0:45 to go through our interview process. 0:47 Not only are we trained in interview practices, 0:50 we also have a team of experts that 0:51 can help assess technical skills, primarily 0:54 coding and user experience. 0:55 We also have a series of assessments, 0:57 from proofreading to working in InDesign, 1:00 so that we can assess technical fit 1:02 and give you something tangible to work with, 1:04 to understand what kind of skill you're getting. 1:06 You can get someone ramped up on a project, 1:07 so you get your deliverable quicker. 1:10 So, whenever we get a new order, we kind of 1:12 come together to talk about shared talent. 1:15 Let each other know who else has come through. 1:18 You know, who are our talent that are available right now, 1:20 who are really excited and really passionate about what 1:23 they're doing, and could be a perfect fit for what 1:24 we have going on. 1:25 We enjoy working with each other. 1:28 There is nothing more exciting than seeing your coworker win. 1:32 And that's kind of the environment 1:33 that we've created here. 1:35 When we are able to put them on a job, 1:37 we're there to kind of coach them 1:39 through time card processes. 1:41 To ensure that they're delivering for our clients, 1:43 and have the business acumen to fit in very quickly 1:47 and ramp up well. 1:48 Throughout the process of the engagement 1:51 we're there to be front of mind. 1:53 Help streamline communication between this new member 1:56 of the team who is trying to fit in, 1:58 and a client who is also trying to manage 2:01 a million other things. 2:03 Our talent forms strong relationships with us. 2:05 So do our clients. 2:06 And we want to learn alongside them, 2:08 so we're sharing information. 2:10 We're sharing experiences. 2:11 And we're going places together. 2:13 We regularly attend conferences with our clients. 2:15 We also have Gymnasium, offering them the same opportunity 2:18 to continue to grow and learn and enhance their skills. 2:23 They're on the forefront and we're on the forefront. 2:25 And how can we get each other further faster? 2:28 We feel like we have a really good understanding 2:30 of how to make successful matches. 2:32 And we feel so confident that we can stand behind these matches, 2:36 that we offer up a 110% guarantee for our clients. 2:40 We love what we do, and we love our jobs. 2:42 So, give us a call. 2:43 We want to help. 2:44 We want to make an impact, fast.

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Our Proprietary Talent Assessment

The exhaustive work we put into finding and vetting only the very best creative talent ensures that you’ll only see the right people for your job. Our proprietary talent assessment includes:

Creative Staffing Agency – Face to Face Meetings
Face to face meetings image

Face To Face Meetings

We meet every creative talent we represent.

Creative Staffing Agency – Technical and Business Interviews
Technical and business interviews image

Technical And Business Interviews

We make culture and technical matches with expert interviews.

Creative Staffing Agency – Real World Assessments
Real world assessments image

Real World Assessments

The only way to gauge someone’s hands-on skills.

Quick Hire

Quick Talent Acquisition
Quick talent acquisition image

We believe finding creative talent should be fast and easy (for you). Our Quick Hire tool lets you explore the creative talent we represent and contact us to quickly find the person you need.

Talent Bridge

Creative Staffing Agency – Talent Bridge
Talent Bridge image

Take a 3-month spin with creative talent and see how they perform outside the interview and in your actual work environment. Your team and your talent get a chance to interact before a permanent hire is made, so you can be sure they’re the right fit long beyond right now. Learn more about Talent Bridge.

Here’s How We’re Different

Creative Staffing Agency – Portfolios in 24 Hours or Less
Fast portfolios image

Portfolios in 24 hours or less

We’ll have work samples to you from a variety of candidates no more than a day after you contact us.

Creative Staffing Agency – Our Talent Are Like Family
Our talent are family image

Our Creative Talent Are Like Family

We offer them perks like free training, digital tutorials and assistance with health care. In turn, they refer more great creative talent.

Flexible Creative Talent Solutions
Flexible creative talent solutions image

Flexible Talent Solutions

Get skilled creative talent to match your business, right when you need them. A great way to save time and control costs.

Creative Staffing Agency – 110% Money-Back Guarantee
110% money-back guarantee image

110% money-back guarantee

Our clients are crazy about us (and we’re wild about them), so it rarely ever gets used; but consider it your insurance that we back up our work and our people  110%.