October 03, 2011

The world of a digital creative is a heck of a lot like a video game.

Navigating through increasingly difficult levels, picking up new skill sets, wearing different hats, battling zombies, stealing cars and rising through the ranks of an organized crime ring...

Okay, not ALL of it is like a video game, but  every journey begins by choosing your character. And you’ve got loads of decisions to make, since the term “digital creative” encompasses a really broad range of specialties and skill sets. Thereʼs design, development, content creation, and a whole slew of choices in each of those worlds.

While there’s no wrong decision when it comes to choosing your character, itʼs important to pick the one that suits you best and comes tricked out with the tools you know how to use. Let’s face it, winning is a lot harder if youʼre an interactive copywriter sweating out the HTML or a visual designer trying your hand at SEO.

Donʼt worry if you donʼt get it right the first time. Itʼs not uncommon to warp to a different level and try new things. And if you’ve got the moxie, you can always get more lives.

To help get you on your way,  we developed this cheat sheet, er, handy chart, mapping out career options and skill sets for all types of digital creative roles.

No matter where you start, getting to the final level in the digital world takes lots of effort and plenty of hours, but we promise, just like in the virtual world, most of  the fun is getting there!

Well, unless your brain is eaten by zombies, that is.

Good luck!

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Comments (9)

Great chart but hard to read as a jpeg. Could you provide a pdf of the actual layout that contains the images and text so it can be printed? That would be very helpful. ...Bawston
Bawston, Wed., October 5, 9:01 PM
Heya Bowaston. We printed up two other infographics and, yes, they are HUGE, due to their infographic nature... But people could print them up as PDFs. I'll send you a file and you can see if that works for you. Anyone else, just write me at tdonnelly(at)vitamintalent(dotcom)
Tim, Thu., October 6, 7:14 PM
Fantastic infographic! We'd like to print it too - much appreciated if you could send over the file. Cheers
UXRedgate, Fri., October 7, 3:10 AM
Where's the interactive game version? Call me. :)
Greg, Thu., October 20, 1:34 PM
Great stuff. I am passionate about interactive copywriting, based on your chart definition. Oh, I love being self-revelatory! Now, where's that newspaper? I have to check my horoscope!
Angele, Thu., October 20, 3:20 PM
UXRedgate , working on getting the PDF made (it's a bigger file than you might thing.) Greg, I'll run it by the boss! Angele, let me know what the paper says for Cancer. Dying to know...
Tim, Thu., October 20, 5:40 PM
This is a fun infographic. I don't fit much of anything beyond "visual designer." I wish there was larger market for gigantic scrollable internet graphics. Maybe if browsers added a hand tool...
Jacob, Thu., October 20, 7:04 PM
fun stuff !!!!
Tami Miller, Sat., October 22, 3:42 AM
Love it! I am by definition a social media marketer (ok, so the first little green guy that does online copywriting got me too!) ... this infographic really connects with us VitaminT-ers!
Mariya, Sat., October 22, 10:09 PM

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