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Vitamin T Agent of the Week: Stacey Laidlaw (Chicago)

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Stacey Laidlaw

With over 12 years of recruiting and staffing experience, Stacey knows what it takes to get into the coolest companies in Chicago. She loves getting to know her client and talent individually, so she can build long-lasting relationships with both.

She took a minute out of her bustling day to answer our 11 Quick Questions and tell us what advice she has for digital creatives, what keeps her inspired, and important stuff like her favorite app.

  1. App that you can't live without? Buster, the Chicago Bus & Train Tracker
  2. iPhone, Android, or Blackberry? iPhone
  3. Who rocks your world on Twitter? Smartphone-controlled home automation company SmartThings.
  4. Favorite site? Digital Buzz Blog
  5. Inspirational Digital Hero? Kevin Rose, serial entrepreneur and partner at Google Ventures.
  6. Stranded-on-an-island DVD? Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory - the original!
  7. Most important advice for creative resumes? Say what you contributed at each position. Everyone loves hearing about cool campaigns!
  8. Favorite place to eat in town? Cafe Iberico
  9. Jobs trending in your area? Responsive Design
  10. Favorite ad campaign? Wieden + Kennedy’s "Find Your Greatness" campaign for Nike.
  11. Parting piece of advice for interviewing? Research the company way before you go in. Show your personality and tell the company how you would directly contribute to their goals.

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