May 31, 2011

Having an idea for a killer website doesn't necessarily mean you can build it yourself. Follow this handy flowchart to determine whether you've really got what it takes to make the next big Internet sensation.

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Comments (17)

This is cool - I'll print it out for our office designers :)
bee, Fri., June 17, 4:23 AM
I'm going to have to start naming variables after my pets.
Okibi, Mon., July 11, 2:25 AM
Thanks for the comments, bee & Okibi! Where are you located, bee? We do have some copies of these already printed in some of our local offices? And, Okibi, I can't recommend naming variables after your pets, but if it ends up working out for you, please let us know :)
Susie, Mon., July 11, 2:39 PM
ASP.NET is old school?
JW, Tue., July 12, 7:57 PM
JW, ASP.NET is not just old-school, it sucks too.
jubjub, Tue., July 12, 8:13 PM
Why Ruby? PHP still rulez!
camuc, Fri., July 15, 5:58 AM
Fantastic! We're from Brazil and we thought it would be really cool to make a translated version of the flowchart. What do you guys think?
Cristiano Bunte, Fri., July 15, 9:30 AM
Awesome. Please tell me you have a high res version! I NEED to print this out poster size!
Matt, Fri., July 15, 10:39 AM
Great flow chart! I would be really interested to know why you choose Ruby for the Learn Web Development route.
Robin Bloomfield, Tue., July 19, 6:32 AM
@Okibi I guess you have a lot of pets then? :P
niko, Tue., July 19, 8:29 PM
Nice work. Wouldn't say ASP .NET is a negative though. It's as powerful as ROR, PHP, with MVC is just as performant, and it's got massive community support and tools around it. Cost is the only real negative from a startup point of view.
Chris, Tue., July 19, 8:44 PM
awesome - creative - funny! Would love to hang that in my office - same question as already asked - do you have a high res version?
Sabine, Tue., July 19, 9:01 PM
Wow! Great debate on technologies :) We chose Ruby as good based on demand we're seeing in the job market and ASP.NET as "less good" based on decreased demand (and feedback from our candidates). We DO have a high res version (but not emailable) - please email me to tell me where you're located, and I'll see what I can do! Thanks for all the comments!
Susie, Wed., July 20, 9:43 AM
Would help to provide my email ( - I'm also the president :) Thanks again for sharing and so glad you like our flowchart!
Susie, Wed., July 20, 9:45 AM
A few years ago I'd have to pay somenoe for this information.
Dernell, Sat., November 5, 6:42 PM
Please tell me you guys have this in vector format? I'd love to buy a copy to hang on our office walls here at Logix!
Brian, Wed., June 6, 9:58 AM
Heya Brian, The highest res version we have is available when you click in the image, then hit "raw image". Try it out and let us know?
Tim, Wed., June 6, 12:39 PM

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