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Play Our Facebook Creative Intelligence Quiz!

Creative Staffing - Play Our Facebook ...

It’s the new, cool, free game that has all the creative kids talking.

  • Know what year the Apple II was introduced?
  • Or the correct way to write a JavaScript array?
  • Or the name of the very first social network?

Then try your hand at our Creative Intelligence Quiz on Facebook!

Divided into three different categories: Design, Front End Development, and Online Marketing, with three levels of play: Easy, Medium and Hard. Each question you answer correctly gets you a fun prop to stick on a photo of yourself (or your dog).

When you’ve completed a level you can share your funtastic photo on your Facebook wall or album. (Or with the whole world, as we did with our Digital Zookeeper, Tiffany, up top.)

Each level you pass earns you another badge, as you move up the ladder to most difficult levels. Collect all 9 to show how versatile you really are!

Though not necessarily a measure of exactly how insanely creative you are, it does let your friends and family know just how much trivia you have crammed in your brain.

Which means your parents will stop bugging you about how much your college education cost. If you’ve friended them, of course.

Play the game and let us know what you think.

Don’t feel bad if you miss a few. We only got all the answers right, because we sourced all the questions.

And if you know some great questions we didn’t use, let us know and we’ll add them for Round 2!

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