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Improve Your Creative Work Through Artistic Distance

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You’re alone in a room and putting the finishing touches on your amazing web design.

Then you start to ponder, “Is this really as amazing as I think it is?”

You look around and the only other living soul in the room is your cat, fast asleep on the couch... and snoring.

Feedback is critical for every creative involved in the digital space from the front end developers to UX designers. But, more often than not, creatives don’t get feedback they need. Or what they get may be next to useless (“It just doesn’t work for me.”)

16toads Design creative director Paul Burton has an excellent article over at A List Apart about not only artistic distance, but critique, opinion, and constructive criticism.

As a long-time member of Dribbble, he has his doubts that any social networking site will truly help an independent creative get all the constructive feedback necessary to produce great work.

He puts the burden squarely on each creative’s own shoulders.

“If you can critique your own work, you’ll be better able to offer constructive criticism to someone else. Taken a step further, the more confident and accomplished you become at critique (self or public), the better equipped you will be to defend your design decisions when you unveil your work to your client for the first time.”

Do yourself a favor and read the whole article for some fantastic pointers on how to get the distance you need to produce the work you crave.

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