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How Interactive Will Save Your Life [Webby University VIDEO]

We’re not joking around with that title—as we become more sedentary and heavier (not you personally, we as a society), the declining health of Americans has become a major issue in the medical industry and politics alike.

Just goes to show, there’s not an important issue left that isn’t being tackled online, right?

In this latest video David-Michel Davies, the Executive Director of the Webby Awards, illustrates the many ways the digital community is:

  • Transforming the health economy
  • Shaping the way we manage our fitness
  • Adding to the pool of medical understanding

Of course, a video from the Webbys wouldn’t be fun if they didn’t feature cool devices (FitBit and Nike+ Fuelband), amazing interactive sites with data visualization (GE’s HealthyImagination), and of course, add-ons for your favorite device (withings blood pressure monitor and Lifelens to detect malaria).

Just remember to run up and down the stairs at least once after watching this video.

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