September 17, 2012

On the heels of our Heads Up app, we just went (even more) social!

Talent who work with us know all about MyAquent profiles, our online portfolios they can use to showcase their work and provide easy access to their latest experience and education, resume, contact info, portfolio, work preferences, etc.

Our profiles have always been an essential way for our agents to match the best talent to an open position. (Increasingly, profiles are the way many hiring managers are finding great talent. U.S. News & World Report ran an article about it in their March issue, 6 Steps to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile and Land Your Dream Job.)

Since we created our online profile system over 10 years ago, the digital landscape has changed radically. Now the profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ look a heck of a lot like ours. (No, we’re not claiming to have invented online profiles - or the internet for that matter - but we’re proud to be among the first!)

Which got our developers thinking (uh oh....), what if our talent could import their other online profiles into their MyAquent one?

Which is exactly how Social Update was born.

Now Aquent | Vitamin T talent can use our Social Update tool to sync their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ profiles with their MyAquent profiles. And all their information is automatically and magically merged. And will always be synced when they access their email media profile through MyAquent. Why not? Doing so means our agents have access to their newest skills, education, and experience to get them a rad new job.

Neat, huh?

Those developers are so smart.They’re even working on a way to keep those profiles synced without logging into MyAquent at all...)

We should really take them to lunch.

So, if you’re an Aquent | Vitamin T talent, pop over to MyAquent to sync and get all social.

If you don’t have a MyAquent account, be sure to Connect With Us to meet a friendly Vitamin T agent and get one!

Curious about what vitamin t can do for you?

Whether you're looking for talent or looking for work, Vitamin T can help!

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