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5 Hottest Social Media Shares for Digital Creatives: September 2012

Creative Staffing - 5 Hottest Social ...
Source: Rosaura Ochoa

Keeping up on the hottest news in the digital world is really a job in itself. Which is why we asked Tiffany, our Digital Zookeeper (who tweets in her sleep), to give us a monthly update on the top 5 trending topics among digital creatives.

Here’s September’s buzz from around the virtual watercooler:

  1. 25 Beautiful and Minimal Websites
  2. 10 Most Unattractive Corporate Rebrands
  3. Logos Of Famous Brands, Then And Now
  4. Beyond Wireframing: The Real-Life UX Design Process
  5. 34 Awesome Print Ads

Anything people SHOULD be talking about that you don't see?

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