Photo of Tiffany
Photo of Tiffany

Hi, I’m Tiffany.

Tiffany Jennings Vitamin T Marketing Seattle, WA

I have a perpetual obsession with the social web and nine years experience recruiting brilliant people in the creative and technology industries. I mean, what else could I do but be your Digital Zookeeper? There's so much going on with Vitamin T and the digital creative industry that we want to share! Let's take your freelance career to the next level. Get connected with us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for jobs and meaningful career discussions!

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  • Infographic: How Content Can Help You Attract the Best Talent via @contently #hiring
  • 😱
  • Congrats @WiedenKennedy Portland!
  • @LaMichaelJames but the terrifying experience of them blowing up under your feet last a lifetime.
  • @James_Stiehl pretty sure I own more surfboards than you already. And didn't you see me in there? 😉

Tiffany is one of our awesome marketing folks who can’t wait to help you.


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