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Sr. Content Strategist / Copywriter


Aug 31, 2016


Temp To Perm

Agent: Jeanne B.

Job #: 107648

Job Description

Amazing contract to hire role with an awesome brand agency with great clients, a strong reputation, an enviable portfolio of 20+ years worth of world-class work across multiple disciplines, with an emphasis on digital. They are looking to add a high-caliber, strategy-minded, copy-centric, hyphen-loving contributor to integrate into their team and spearhead the written end of what they do as never before.

In this role, you may find yourself writing ad copy, case studies, articles, website content outlines, web page headlines, blog posts, brand books. It’s magazine-quality Internettery. Futuristic jingles. Tagline-fu. Social media flattery. Boolean haiku. Pavlovian enticements. Plus, what goes on that button? Must read great on your iPhone. And also, more!

To be considered for this role, you are a classic generalist:

  • Schooled in a range of written disciplines, from the more brand-oriented advertising copy and concept you’d see distilled in a print ad or a homepage headline, to the more functional aspects of digital and web projects you’d find in navs, on buttons, in body copy. It’s a big ask, we know.
  • A Do-er and a Getter-doner: able to be both a hands-on practitioner, generating content strategy insight and copywriting work product yourself, but also able to manage and inspire freelancers or other contributors to do same.
  • World-Classy: Aware of what writing for websites is all about: when to be functional, when to be fancy. And you have some exceptional examples of each, written for big-name brands or brands that are doing a great job seeming like they’re a big deal.
  • So dang strategic. Always thinking. Writing is thinking. Thinking is writing. Be the ball.
  • Someone who dots your I’s and crosses your T’s. But you know when maybe it’s right to do neither. Because you’ve got command of the language, that’s what you’ve got.
  • Prolific, collaborative, cooperative, and you just want to get stuff out of people’s heads and down on paper whenever you can for whoever you can because instead of an ego you've just got an insatiable thirst to complete highly polished writing assignments that do not contain run-on sentences which are strictly forbidden except when they are used for effect like this here is.
  • If this sounds like you, please apply with your resume and portfolio that shows a selective range of kickass work you actually done did yourself. If you are thinking of sending that weak sauce, pause and use the time to strengthen the sauce.

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