hi, i'm Suzy.

(949) 221-0107

My passion is graphic design! I worked as a designer, art director, and project manager for more than 10 years so I have a keen sense of what our talent does and what our clients want from them. In my free time you’ll find me spending time with my little boy, or tooling around Orange County in my restored '67 convertible Mustang!

I have a green thumb.

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  • Thanks for sharing! @theguildcc @vitamintalent
  • Copywriter (#Irvine, CA) https://t.co/k6CDPMD0MU #job
  • Motion Graphics Designer (#Irvine, CA) https://t.co/yYqrI1whHg
  • Graphic Designer (#AlisoViejo, CA) https://t.co/zlq95h7HaV
  • Marketing Coordinator (#Irvine, CA) https://t.co/cQ5bnwUJgE
  • Graphic Designer for Direct Mail (#Irvine, CA) https://t.co/vwgHqA275G
  • Sr. UX Designer (#Irvine, CA) https://t.co/pB2hHBFSD5
  • Interior Designer (#Irvine, CA) https://t.co/awt4ZBHUwS
  • Are you a #Designer who wants to learn how to code? We offer a free online course just for you! http://t.co/chEP9G0yPi
  • UX Designer (#Redlands, CA) https://t.co/bK6FuOQGTl #job
  • Graphic Designer (#Irvine, CA) https://t.co/rvbJZzCA6s
  • Digital Planner (#CostaMesa, CA) https://t.co/Kd5RowMRy8
  • Front End Developer (#Redlands, CA) https://t.co/q1rIJjvfla
  • How to Become a Front-End Developer (Pt. 2) #WebDev http://t.co/caf1XKNSod #VitaminT
  • SEO Specialist -Temp To Perm (#Tustin, CA) https://t.co/gTcX7anwMB

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  • Suzy is one of our awesome agents for Orange County who can't wait to help you.

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