hi, i'm Renee.

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I am truly honored when my clients tell me they feel like they're connecting with a friend. Maybe its my southern roots? With more than 12 years of placement experience, I've enjoyed my evolution into a true client partner and a coach to my talent. I LOVE the digital creative world, our conceptual clients and the wicked cool people I work with. When I'm not at Vitamin T, chances are I'm hanging with friends & family, hiking trails, swingin' a kettlebell, or relaxing with live music & a big iced tea in hand, Austin style!

Livin' the life in Hawaii!

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  • @SoxFan2414 Hes out
  • @SportsBros247 thanks, thats what i was thinking despite "old" FF no predictions.
  • @WideReceiving thanks, thats what I was thinking. My WR are light. #fantastyfootball
  • stacy, forte, jennings, forsett, blue - Pick 3 #fantasyfootball w/ foster & Pierce out - Im needing help
  • @AReid21 gore blue forsett
  • RT @TagsFantasyFB: Both Arian Foster and Bernard Pierce have been officially ruled OUT for week 3. #FantasyFootball problems.
  • And its official Arian Foster is out! #fantastyfootball
  • And Forsett is starting... are you playing him? #fantasyfootball
  • @ScarletAdMan I had to just close the apps and watch GameDay.
  • @ScarletAdMan OMG me too!!! I keep going back n forth
  • @L4SNJason I hope you're right Im light on solid WR so fingers crossed
  • @thejasonboland me either!
  • umm they could be SSPD RT @thejasonboland: There’s nothing worse than hearing your player is listed as questionable. #fantasyfootball
  • Thinking Welker this week RT @madmadmaven: Wes Welker or Marques Colston? I wish the #FantasyFootball powers-that-be would send me a sign
  • RT @fftoolbox: Report: #Texans RB Arian Foster is a 'longshot' to play today http://t.co/1aeAYMkm9d #NFL #FantasyFootball
  • @JMang0 As he should be...
  • @L4SNJason He's killing me, I don't have to rely on him but seriously needs to hold onto a ball.
  • Anyone else dropping Victor Cruz like he drops balls? #fantasyfootball #losingfaith
  • Anyone else dropping Victor Cruz? Not sure he can hold onto the ball!? #fantastyfootball
  • RT @TheDailyShow: #TDSBreakingNews Scotland rejects independence. They may take our lives, but they'll never take...actually just take what…

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  • Renee is one of our awesome agents for Austin who can't wait to help you.

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