ZOMBIES! The True Cost of a Bad Hire

Two Is Better Than One.

We often get asked the question, “Why Aquent AND Vitamin T?” The answer isn’t just, “Because we said so.” (Though that’s what our mothers suggested we put here.)

We created two hyper-specialized divisions so that we could effectively service two very different client types: Aquent only works with our largest clients, while Vitamin T concentrates on ad agencies and mid-sized companies. It’s like a split-personality. But in a good, rather than a “I’m going to stalk you” sort of way.

Here’s why the Aquent and Vitamin T partnership is great for YOU:

  • We’ve got ALL the creative bases covered.
  • Aquent and Vitamin T focus exclusively on the creative field. No forklift jobs. No financial stuff. Just pure creative. It’s what we live and breathe. So we know just how to match great interactive designers, front end developers, copywriters, UX specialists and more to the perfect opportunities. And our global reach is unparalleled.
  • We give you a team.
  • Our customers have always had a whole team of agents from both Aquent AND Vitamin T working together diligently to help. If you’re registered with us, then you’re already on the radar for agents in BOTH divisions. If you’re a client, you have a specialized team who knows how your business works.
  • We’re human.
  • While more and more staffing agencies rely on job boards and keywords to make matches, we insist on hiring human beings. Something that’s always been said about Aquent is that we hire great people who really care about customers. That goes double for Vitamin T! (If, in fact, you can double that sort of thing.) We think human interaction is critical, and we think you’ll agree.

If you’re a creative looking for a freelance gig at a mega corporation or at that chic new interactive agency downtown, Aquent + Vitamin T can connect you with amazing freelance and temp-to-hire opportunities.

And if you’re a mid-sized company or an ad agency looking to find amazing creative talent, then you’ve just found the one talent agency in the world who focuses on nothing but you.

If you haven’t already, connect with a Vitamin T agent today.