hi, i'm Andrea.

(312) 869-3023

I believe in connections, both in-person and online. You'll find me at networking events such as BMA, SMC, or CIMA or tweeting about industry events or jobs on behalf of my clients. I love working in an industry where I get to make the connection between talented professionals and the companies who can benefit from their experience. Looking forward to helping you!


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  • G Love & Special Sauce! (at @MetroChicago for Ethan Tucker, G. Love & Special Sauce and The O'my's w/ 9 others) http://t.co/fE7rKXwLEu
  • Awesome! We do have some pretty cool marketing if I do say so myself :-) @GaryFindsTalent @Aquent @vitamintalent
  • Front-end Devs! Looking to learn #jQuery? Try our free online course: http://t.co/GCkNLnTnFm #webdev #VitaminT
  • My cab is playing smooth jazz Christmas music. Whaaaat?
  • Don't disturb while I'm watching Mad Men. You should be watching too: http://t.co/bsPg0xhz6k http://t.co/xQggVr73Wp
  • At #fcbopenhouse! Sweet place! #VitaminT (@ John Hancock Center - @athousandfeetup w/ 5 others) http://t.co/QHZLm0n4qb
  • Good to see u too @K2kontent @jwillie !
  • #BMAchicago luncheon! #VitaminT (at @CityWineryChi w/ @jwillie) http://t.co/F1FS5hlXly
  • Whoa Spring- time has hit Chi-town! #happyhumpday #winewednesday
  • Love our new Boogie Bots! #vitamint http://t.co/RltnK1EaCN
  • The Single Most Proven Way To Get Smarter and Happier | TIME http://t.co/wERyzvesp6
  • Free Wireframing Tools! : Vitamin T http://t.co/xZwzIaKYtU
  • @redbox LOVE IT!
  • Aquent Gymnasium http://t.co/7qxQ1QRrC6
  • Missed ya @Cruiter !! #hodr #vitamint
  • #HODR is here!! Digital Rendezvous number 3! #vitaminT (@ Simple Truth) http://t.co/8E0ck2thwn
  • How to Become a Front End Developer (Pt. 6) : Vitamin T... http://t.co/9dIMWOUkI4
  • Drinks w/Doc's charity for Lurie Cancer Center (@ Bridge House Tavern - @bridgehousetvrn) http://t.co/VkFBaJKJ2v
  • I found my #FirstTweet: https://t.co/IhfKQCEiVn. What was yours? http://t.co/gyjaurN5SQ - Hilarious!!
  • Networking Tips for UXers from Shay Howe : Vitamin T http://t.co/cz3cfr3jsG
  • Andrea is one of our awesome biz dev folks for Chicago who can't wait to help you.

  • (312) 869-3023
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