hi, i'm Andrea.

(312) 869-3023

I believe in connections, both in-person and online. You'll find me at networking events such as BMA, SMC, or CIMA or tweeting about industry events or jobs on behalf of my clients. I love working in an industry where I get to make the connection between talented professionals and the companies who can benefit from their experience. Looking forward to helping you!


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  • Supporting @IAmNikkiNigl @PizzeriaSerio for another amazing talk in "Confidence: "Where does it come from?" #strength #aboutwomen
  • Where Are UX Careers Headed? http://t.co/J71S7cyrG9
  • RT @IAmNikkiNigl: Where does your confidence come from? Join the conversation & hear 6 powHERful speakers @PizzeriaSerio Tu 11/18 7:30p htt…
  • RT @FlapperGirlJazz: http://t.co/Su6yyb3V1a @andreaszutenbac @NPD_free @EmotionalLife @Love_IsNotAbuse @psychmag @Factsionary @psypress @M…
  • @HeatherBundgaar Same here! :-)
  • Tonight! Tonight! RSVP! The Designer/Developer Hybrid Debate http://t.co/SIooYOwDmX @vitamintalent #vitaminT #HODR
  • RT @HeatherBundgaar: Amazing presentation by Michael Williams, Chief Marketing Officer, Grand Prix of America, Formula 1 #BMAlunch http://…
  • How times change! #bmalunch lol! http://t.co/1QmFshoIIv
  • @mbolden business marketing associate. Love this group.
  • RT @BMAChicago: "Marketing is not a department...marketing is a discipline." -@m_p_williams #BMAlunch #bmachicago
  • Attending #bmalunch today! With @m_p_williams CMO Formula 1
  • Still time to RSVP! The Designer/Developer Hybrid Debate http://t.co/SIooYOwDmX @vitamintalent #vitaminT #HODR
  • How 3 Mentors Shaped My UX Career http://t.co/hzWJXUIp4N
  • An Event Apart 2015 Dates Announced http://t.co/8ZGcyfuXrQ
  • Wonderful night of panelist at #aboutwomen ! Thx @IAmNikkiNigl
  • @popgoesalicia great talk! Love ur perspective on traditional beauty and the decision u took! #aboutwomen
  • @andreaszutenbac: Supporting @iamnikkinigl , About Women and Tonight's topic "Body Image: Taking Away Judgement" @PizzeriaSerio #aboutwomen
  • Web Summit 2014 Live Stream http://t.co/FtSheGAHjA
  • The Designer/Developer Hybrid Debate http://t.co/SIooYOwDmX
  • Good UX Manager/Bad UX Manager http://t.co/kwAHMFmNml
  • Andrea is one of our awesome biz dev folks for Chicago, IL who can't wait to help you.

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