hi, i'm Andrea.

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I believe in connections, both in-person and online. You'll find me at networking events such as BMA, SMC, or CIMA or tweeting about industry events or jobs on behalf of my clients. I love working in an industry where I get to make the connection between talented professionals and the companies who can benefit from their experience. Looking forward to helping you!


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  • Wow @monteiro Mike Monteiro Loving this talk! Blunt, honest, real. #aeachi
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  • The raffle is close. Winner will be announced soon for The Book Apart! #aeachi #vitaminT Good luck!
  • RT @AdamConradHess: #Chitown #VitaminT in the house! #aeachi #netwerkin http://t.co/F83XTEfgQs
  • @zoblue @helveticagirl Love this!
  • Andrea is one of our awesome biz dev folks for Chicago who can't wait to help you.

  • (312) 869-3023
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