Hi, I’m Adrienne.

Adrienne Kincaid Vitamin T Manager San Diego, CA
Photo of Adrienne
Photo of Adrienne

A San Diego native and long-time Aquent agent, I have strong connections to businesses in our community. It's exhilarating to work with such diverse clients−from ad agencies to high tech firms. I love finding amazing opportunities for creative and marketing professionals. There's nothing like hearing from talent how thrilled they are at an assignment, or getting a call from a client saying we made a perfect match!

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  • We are hiring at @vitamintalent San Diego! Check out our open role. https://t.co/5h5TnIaTbO
  • We're seeking a rockstar Sales professional to join our SD team. Check out our posting! @vitamintalent https://t.co/TRc6hGUFOk
  • Watch the 20th Annual Webby Awards Right Now! via @vitamintalent #webbys https://t.co/1tjttEYmSj
  • Cheers to @vitamintalent turning 5! (And skateboarding cows too.) https://t.co/sHYEh09kAo
  • Get the May Desktop Wallpaper from our 2016 Talent Calendar via @vitamintalent #design https://t.co/1uJ9v3uaJW

Adrienne is one of our awesome managers for San Diego, CA who can’t wait to help you.


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