Photo of Sarah
Photo of Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah.

Sarah Byars Vitamin T Agent Northern Virginia

I have been working and playing in the creative community for over 24 years. Being a part of Vitamin T gives me the opportunity to do one of the things that I love, which is helping people find their next amazing dream job! My other love is cooking and gardening! I have been told that I am a natural matchmaker. If you are looking for work or if you are looking to hire someone in Connecticut, New Jersey, Minneapolis, Denver, Phoenix or Maryland then I am who you should be talking to!

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  • Want your work on the desk of hiring managers worldwide? Enter by 8/31 for a chance to be in our Talent Calendar!
  • RT @olympiaPDX: We made it in Bon Appétit, best dressed oysters #oysters #deathtococktailsauce #humbled #pdx…
  • @olympiaPDX congrats!!!
  • Looking for experienced #python and #Django #Developers. for a 6 month project! @pdxpython @DesertPy
  • Hey all you #UX peeps! I have an awesome opportunity in Vancouver BC. #UXjobs #vancouverjobs @UXJobs247Posts

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Sarah is one of our awesome agents who can’t wait to help you.


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