hi, i'm Sarah.

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For the past 18 years, I have worked with and played in the creative community in Portland. I am thrilled to be a part of Vitamin T. Portland has everything that I love about a city and I am energized by the cultural opportunities that surround me here. I have a natural ability to connect with people and to join people with one another. If you are someone who is looking for a great opportunity, I am here to help connect you with an awesome agency or mid-sized company!

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  • @Elena_Moon Sure thing!!
  • RT @Elena_Moon: Use node.js or java? We're looking for one more dev to help with a usability study. Get in touch.
  • RT @suzillazilla: Thanks to all our INCREDIBLE Portland talent for coming out to spend time with us! So nice to meet you! #VTAQMixer @vitam…
  • RT @liz_mcbride: Great night with awesome creatives and the best team in the world! #VTAQMixer
  • RT @LadiesthatUXPDX: WELCOME PORTLAND UX LADIES!!!! Devan Edwards @devanescence is our new ambassador! First meet-up details coming soon!!
  • So far, so amazing! Tonight's Lunar Eclipse: What Time You Should Watch It http://t.co/RsfEuFUIis via @mashable
  • RT @bryanrees: @kylefrost We're hiring in Portland ;) http://t.co/K65siLknXm
  • Best news!!!! Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman as Host of CBS’ ‘Late Show’ http://t.co/xsroxFG84W via @TheWrap
  • @UXJobs247Posts @catrayburn @IxDAPDX Great to meet you too!
  • @lorenaelise wow, that is crazy! Let's talk tomorrow.
  • @needmore the roast and taste. It also depends on what time of year. winter, I like a full body dark roast that tastes like chocolate.
  • @needmore smell, packaging and local
  • @writingthesurf Have so much fun!!!
  • RT @Chop_Butchery: Female Butcher, Butcher http://t.co/4M8QazweDU
  • RT @vitamintalent: Ask questions, even on Twitter! Great advice from @susanjrobertson on becoming a developer: #WebDev http://t.co/GRbWEuuJ…
  • @aprilbaer @PDXSprague I'd like to come along too!
  • RT @writingthesurf: From Airbnb To Warby Parker: 7 Tips From Leading #Design Entrepreneurs By @callme_marge http://t.co/CoW4yC5ry8 via @Fas…
  • @writingthesurf thank you friend!
  • @jeannelong thanks Jeanne!!
  • @the_resa_marie Thank you TMP, you Creeper!

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  • Sarah is one of our awesome agents for Portland who can't wait to help you.

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