hi, i'm Sarah.

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For the past 18 years, I have worked with and played in the creative community in Portland. I am thrilled to be a part of Vitamin T. Portland has everything that I love about a city and I am energized by the cultural opportunities that surround me here. I have a natural ability to connect with people and to join people with one another. If you are someone who is looking for a great opportunity, I am here to help connect you with an awesome agency or mid-sized company!

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  • @Elena_Moon You have a pretty amazing job!
  • @KellyDrodofsky @vitamintalent @liz_mcbride @jeannelong @glennscott @Amarenagrace @writingthesurf Great to meet you! Thanks for coming down
  • RT @kmsportland: The Bélo Report: an infographic on the new Airbnb symbol - http://t.co/pVadbfJDiB via @airbnb
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  • @jennydiggles @mrdiggles AMAZING!
  • @SeanDean Seriously! #nomorecandycrushspam
  • @jasonglaspey Congrats!!!
  • Vitamin of the Week: Glenn Scott (Portland) #portland http://t.co/ZPPGnBnv1R
  • Heart at Edgefield Concerts http://t.co/iDvtD4P4R7
  • I just backed From a Number to a Name: The IPRC Prison Project on @Kickstarter http://t.co/7sjyYQGUMl
  • @writingthesurf Is she at my grandparents house in Kentucky?
  • Love my team! Wow, I can't believe is been 2 years! #vitamint @liz_mcbride @jeannelong @Amarenagrace http://t.co/kRprdk7NJq
  • RT @jeannelong: The 5 Best Questions to Ask In An Interview https://t.co/HMam07j5lV
  • RT @sladner: Portland UX peeps! I'll be in your fine town next week, speaking about ethnography http://t.co/trZ67ZITPx
  • RT @dtwood: Looking to fill a month long UX gig opening in PDX. Primarily wireframing and testing. More info as requested. Pls retweet.
  • RT @Webtrends: Happy Social Media Day! Celebrate #SMDAY with a hand-drawn story on how we use #socialmedia. http://t.co/p8jlFnXCvt http://t…
  • Gif in the game: Portland’s YIX makes sharing animated gifs a bit more competitive http://t.co/sJGwJlL1x4 via @siliconflorist
  • @liz_mcbride It is dance party with 90's JAMZ up in here!
  • Sarah is one of our awesome agents for Portland who can't wait to help you.

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