hi, i'm Robert.

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I know Developers are the mad scientists who bring creative ideas to life. That’s why as a Development Specialist, I work with top notch ones who aren’t just coding gurus, but are always on the lookout for the next hot trend (HTML5, anyone?). Looking for your next great gig to show off your coding chops? Or feel like discussing mobile web apps vs native apps? Let's connect!

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  • @serkanpektas I'm working on a Developer opportunity in LA...interested?
  • Amazon Wants In Your Living Room & 4 More Stories You Can't Miss Today | LinkedIn http://t.co/YcUcfZE2ov
  • Front-End Devs? Need to learn #responsive web design? Try our free online course! Thank us later! http://t.co/idgeafc8HK
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  • How to Become a Front End Developer (Pt. 5) #WebDev http://t.co/8EjXROrquV
  • @shandusdu Great meeting you at jqueryTO! I'd love to chat with you further. Let me know when you're free and the best way to contact you.
  • Hey Toronto #Developers come out to @jQueryTO Canada's Largest Javascript Conference tomorrow at the Sony Centre! @vitamintalent
  • Draftfcb Is Unveiling Its Rebranding http://t.co/jyh1y21wxu
  • Senior Brand Planner (Toronto) https://t.co/0Hmldiuhgd
  • @triboutique I placed an order this morning and when I log in to my account, there's no order there! How am I supposed to track this???
  • How to Become a Front End Developer (Pt. 3) #WebDev http://t.co/LOoRlyTdif
  • Account Director (Downtown Toronto) https://t.co/DjfhG3kPuE
  • Get your entries in for the @FITC Awards show, presented by @mediatemple. Deadline this Fri. March 7! http://t.co/5emSkcciKZ #FITCToronto
  • This is Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri http://t.co/YYci6XOkmA via @verge
  • Brands and Agencies Are Starting to Experiment With Google Glass http://t.co/kU1n6e45Uw
  • 6840-1 - Graphic Designer (Toronto, Ontario) https://t.co/ublwPQaOI0
  • How to Become a Front-End Developer (Pt. 2) #WebDev http://t.co/VwQI1BTS2A #vitamintalent
  • Director Digital Strategy (Toronto) https://t.co/reGIxbcgdn
  • Over 19K people have enrolled in our free, online front-end dev courses. What are you waiting for? http://t.co/v1RQhZ8Xk6 #webdev
  • Web Content Manager (Toronto, Ontario) https://t.co/CCz9innmfz
  • Robert is one of our awesome agents who can't wait to help you.

  • (416) 342-7528
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