hi, i'm Robert.

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I know Developers are the mad scientists who bring creative ideas to life. That’s why as a Development Specialist, I work with top notch ones who aren’t just coding gurus, but are always on the lookout for the next hot trend (HTML5, anyone?). Looking for your next great gig to show off your coding chops? Or feel like discussing mobile web apps vs native apps? Let's connect!

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  • Calling all #UX gurus! UXT is almost here and tickets are selling fast! Head to http://t.co/kUzRnaV3zp to get your UX on! @UIE #UXT
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  • "Why recruiting Angular.js developers is hot in Tech." by @daynedaniell on @LinkedIn http://t.co/4VIryIMtBq
  • #UXThursday is coming to #Toronto 11/20. Use discount code VITA for $99 tickets! http://t.co/AC4lXSGNRR #ux
  • Don't miss @FITC #FITCwearables, a full day event on #wearable technology Nov 13. Code "VitT" saves $100 on tickets! http://t.co/JnLZUDGsem
  • These Creepy Lego Creations Are Definitely Not Kid-Friendly | WIRED http://t.co/qwPMaGPbrx
  • RT @DMiller29649: #JavaScript promises... http://t.co/MVk2AXluiT
  • RT @LinkedInPulse: (Almost) everything you know about managing Millennials is wrong. Here's why. http://t.co/9sqfb2jkOv http://t.co/SaDb9Th…
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  • "How to Attract and Hire Incredible Talent" by @BruceKasanoff on @LinkedIn http://t.co/AtjsjZFFEl
  • RT @trimblyton: Some great moves to copy. RT @Michelle__Quinn: .@rtabsss .@trimblyton Masked 'Parkour' Routine http://t.co/Y3hXYaIIHp via @…
  • Check out our new site!! http://t.co/lA5hAmoQyQ #vitaminT
  • RT @SAI: THE SAME-DAY DELIVERY REPORT: E-commerce giants are battling to own the 'last mile' http://t.co/uWEl3dh4ap
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  • "The 5 Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes, and How to Correct Them" on @LinkedIn http://t.co/cAeFl7UpNx
  • What Programmers Say vs. What They Mean http://t.co/eezMnyBY2m via @9GAG
  • A Glimpse Into Marketers’ Social Media Strategies http://t.co/ofQnjJ9acE
  • RT @FastCompany: Think you know what iBeacons are all about? Think again: http://t.co/TRKcWvm5aC by @michaelgrothaus
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