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Hi, I’m Robert.

Robert Tabios Vitamin T Manager Toronto, CA
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Photo of Robert

I know Developers are the mad scientists who bring creative ideas to life. That’s why as a Development Specialist, I work with top notch ones who aren’t just coding gurus, but are always on the lookout for the next hot trend (HTML5, anyone?). Looking for your next great gig to show off your coding chops? Or feel like discussing mobile web apps vs native apps? Let's connect!

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  • @ASOS_HeretoHelp Thanks for the awesome service! You guys ROCK !!!
  • @ASOS_HeretoHelp Paid extra for expedited shipping and my order still hasn't even reached the country...not cool ASOS.
  • Any full stack #java pros out there looking for a perm remote opportunity with my company?! #jobs #developer
  • RT @heathery321: Some say women write better code bc they’re detail oriented what’s your take @gdirdu @RTabsss @leftydesigner…
  • RT @vitamintalent: 9 helpful insights for UX designers

Robert is one of our awesome managers for Toronto, CA who can’t wait to help you.


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