hi, i'm Quinn.

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What I love about being an Agent with Vitamin T is being able to match amazing creative talent with just the right opportunity in graphic design, user experience, copy writing, and more! Talk about a cool job: helping people follow their passions, continue on their career path, and grow professionally. Call me if you’re seeking that perfect job or next assignment.

Trekking in Colca Canyon, Peru.

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  • Looking forward to listening to @SandraBlackie at #manifestivalsd on May 4th!
  • RT @SandraBlackie: Following a Western style diet may lead to greater risk of premature death: http://t.co/yuKjZKbmy0. A better way? 858-27…
  • RT @ClarityMandel: Vendors are all on board with assisting you to manifest your best life! #manifestivalsd. http://t.co/UzoThWHbQk #lifeis…
  • RT @TheNobleTrinity: @ClarityMandel Noble Trinity Music Artists Ifalade and Pink Dewberries are looking forward to performing during Manife…
  • Front-end Devs! Looking to learn #jQuery? Try our free online course: http://t.co/vdSy6miIi6 #webdev
  • Nail that job interview http://t.co/uu4LubqZFo #jobs
  • RT @wakuu: Mindfulness Meditation: 8 Quick Exercises That Easily Fit into Your Day http://t.co/j3FU4otfUy
  • Great #ux tips from a pro! http://t.co/8HDC9P4919
  • RT @gregyoung101: Manifestival May 4 will be awesome! Still accepting exhibitor applications! http://t.co/dYx1LZCnPB #manifestivalsd
  • RT @dwiz: “Good design must necessarily have an impact on people’s lives, no matter how seemingly small.” - Garr Reynolds #quote #design #ux
  • @chad_rupp @AquentLVO Yes, I am. I'll view your resume this week.
  • RT @ClarityMandel: Free Airbrush tatoos by http://t.co/l8LHixBlwN to all attendees at http://t.co/tF9AVibmWH #manifestivalsd
  • RT @ClarityMandel: Thanks @NewEarthScott for being our Featured Keynote Speaker at 4pm (5/4/14) at http://t.co/tF9AVibmWH "Go from Pain to …
  • Seeking savvy #axure consultant in the #bayarea Temp. role!
  • @chadQmartin @chad_rupp @vitamintalent Thanks Chad! I look forward to connecting with the other Chad.
  • Designers! Want to learn HTML/CSS? Try our free online course! 13K people already have! http://t.co/AspbrP5vkT #webdesign
  • 18 things #creatives do differently http://t.co/2XMpmNaqEe
  • @ClarityMandel I hope #manifestivalsd is a huge success!
  • Join http://t.co/29I8PAZyX8 on May 4th! An Event to Manifest our Best Lives in Mind, Body, & Spirit #manifestivalsd #sandiego
  • @tylerinacoma In part, it means you're even more of a role model now. Very cool. Bravo!

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  • Quinn is one of our awesome agents for San Diego who can't wait to help you.

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